Places where geothermal energy is being used

19.01.2019 Admin

Almost 70 percent of the countries where geothermal utilization has been recorded are developing or transitional countries. The potential for geothermal energy use to improve living standards in those countries is thus very high. However, geothermal has high upfront investment costs. The magma reaches the surface of the earth via these plates where volcanoes are seen.

The main place where geothermal energy can be used have not only volcanic activity but also enough ground water to be used to power the turbines that generate power. Where in the us are geothermal resources located. The uses of geothermal energy range depending on the needs. In the end the most common location for geothermal reservoirs will be where ever there are major plate boundaries with a lot of seismic and volcanic activity. That is, why is geothermal energy readily available in some places, yet not others.

Basically, geothermal energy technology taps into subsurface areas where desired temperatures exist. Large volcanic islands like greenland have vast resources in terms of geothermal energy. Uses of geothermal energy for houses. Give a brief explanation for the distribution of geothermal resources in the us. Prime areas are near volcanoes, hot springs, and geysers.