Score simpledb pricing

22.01.2019 Kum

There is an unrelated product called simpledb developed by edward sciore. Document store key-value store. Our pricing is based on the number of people you choose to schedule.

In this post i am going to describe my solution for a simple global high score that works with wp7, ios and android. Transfer to other amazon web services is free of charge.

Hosted simple database service by amazon, with the data stored in the amazon cloud. Amazon simpledb xexclude from comparison.

Hosted, scalable database service by amazon with the data stored in amazons cloud. As with ec2 and s3, amazon charges fees for simpledb storage, transfer, and throughput over the internet. While a credit card is required to sign up, usage can be checked at any time with the amazon account activity web page.

On december 1, 2008, amazon introduced new pricing with free tier for 1 gb of data 25 machine hours. So when looking for a global high score solution for my new game i needed to catch up with the recent technologies and then had to decide which one to use. It was announced on december 13, 2007.