How to get past room 714 in spooky's house

24.01.2019 Admin

Spookys house of jump scares screenshots. Spookys house of jump scares videos. Im going to try and figure out how to get the second ending and i will upload a video for it once i do. What do you guys think about the little hidden video and spookys origin story.

If i figure out how to get the other ending, i'll post it. Anyways spookys my fave sadistic little ghost child bye.

To get the cutscene, enter 1235 into the arcade machine. Org2f20002fsvg22 width3d222422 height3d224822 xmlns3al3d22http3a2f2fwww. Also please play spookys house of jumpscares if you fancy a good horror game. Showing off the good ending and a secret cutscene. Song by the living tombstone btw its called 1000 doors spooky's house of jumpscares my art spooky.

Experience both endings to spooky's house of jump scares, along with some secret codes and a hidden scene that reveals spooky's origin with our terror-inducing guide. Org2f19992fxlink223e3csymbol id3d22a223e3cpath d3d22m12. Hope you enjoyed the journey to room 1000.