Object request broker example

09.10.2019 Stefani

The orb provides the required infrastructure to identify and locate objects, handle connection management, deliver data, and request communication. Instead, the object makes requests through a remote stub to the orb running on the local machine. The object request broker orb manages interaction between clients and servers.

Common object request broker architecture. Using an object request broker, the client submits a request for some type of service to take place. The stub communicates with a skeleton of the remote object which invokes the actual remote object implementation. Object management group, 2002, the common object request broker architecture and specification, release.

Provides communication between objects. The orb is also the custodian of the interface repository abbreviated variously ir or ifr, an omg-standardized distributed database containing omg idl interface definitions. The object request broker or orb takes care of all of the details involved in routing a request from client to object, and routing the response to its destination. To use the launchclient command on a command line, prefix the property with -cc. On the client side, then, the orb provides interface definitions from the ifr, and constructs invocations for use with the dynamic invocation interface dii. To use the java command on a command line, use the -d option.