Why do strange things happen in florida

01.01.2019 Alan

Here are 10 odd cases that will make you shake your head and say, only in florida. See more of strange things happen in america on facebook. Why dustin in 'stranger things' doesn't have teeth.

The latest florida news 2018 ranges from weird florida stories to funny florida stories. Some florida news stories will leave you laughing, while others will leave you rethinking your faith in humanity. Florida is generally considered one of the weirder places in america, so it's no surprise weird florida news seems to be a staple of the headlines. If you're wondering what the strangest happenings in the sunshine state were in 2018, browse this list of florida stories 2018. My answer was always a soldier or cop. Strange things happening in florida.

The media just likes to push a stupid south agenda. Maybe all of those things have something to do wi. Crazy florida news stories often involve bizarre arrests, strange accidents, and more. Weird things that happened in florida in 2018.