Jersey test framework post example

29.01.2019 Admin

Providers jersey-test-framework-provider-jetty jersey. Test-framework jersey-test-framework-core. Provides support for testing jax-rs and jersey-based applications.

Automated configurable traffic logging. Jersey test framework is primarily based on junit but you can run tests using testng as well.

We need some dependencies for the jersey-test-framework so were adding them to our pom. Run, is configured and started on-the-fly. It works almost out-of-the box and it is easy to integrate it within your maven-based project. Jersey test framework originated as an internal tool used for verifying the correct implementation of server-side components.

While it is usable on all environments where you can run junit, we support primarily the maven-based setups. Private userservice userservice new userservice. To keep things short, i only included the most interesting parts.

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