How to say no to money

30.01.2019 Admin

Sometimes you just have to do it, no matter how persistent your friends are or how badly you want to say yes. Saving money sometimes means saying no to friends who spend, resisting your own spending habits, and saying no to job opportunities that arent worth your time. Here are some ways to make it a little easier.

How to improve communication skills. In the age of facebook friends, its easy to confuse the two. Hi, just like the thread title, i'd like to know what to say to refuse money without offending anyone.

I dont even want the money back. Make it a rule not to lend money to anybody. But thats all the money i can give you for this.

Before you start feeling guilty, ask yourself how close this person really is to you. You cant give money to everybody, says dr. I'm just glad that you like my work. How to say no to money borrowers.