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See all the dark knight rises movie photos. Christian bale isnt too pleased about rumors predicting that robin will appear in the next batman movie. During the interview, bale was asked if he saw any of ben afflecks batman movies. Yes im interested, my son seemed like he was really interested, but then i realized he just wanted to see the trailer and that was it.

He is mentored by henri ducard and ra's al ghul in how to fight evil. From american psycho to batman begins to vice, christian bale is a bonafide a-list star. Now we can see how batman began even before batman begins. A trait he conjured even before he was cast in the part. It gave us the caped crusaders first proper origins story, and didnt shy away from the grim reality of bruce waynes angst-ridden existence. Seventeen women share how they maintain meaningful friendships.

Christian bale reveals he will be hanging up his superhero cloak as the dark knight rises will be his last batman film. Christian bale has revealed he will be hanging up his superhero cloak after making upcoming movie the dark knight rises, confirming it will be his last batman film.

Bale brought a strong sense of physicality and authority to the role, as well as a much-debated distinctive vocal register. Which roles did christian bale turn down.