How to check packet loss

01.02.2019 Admin

Additionally, always remember to run the simulation multiple times and take the average plr instead of just running is once. Quaid-e-awam university of engineering, science and technology. Does switching out cables solve the problem.

Fortunately, windows and other os have native tools that can show you a percentage. The line test will take a few seconds. Right click on network driver name and then choose update network driver. This is a problem in voip communication, but it can also present a problem in online gaming and video streaming. During a phone call, data packets are being dropped, which results in the phone call breaking up.

Right click on my computer manage and then tap on device manager. Click start line test now to begin. This complements a traditional speed test, which only measures the raw speed and latency. This is what i am trying ping -n 100 google. See how fast you could go with freeola broadband.