How to sell untradeable item fifa 15 player

09.02.2019 Bok

Ea is set to give away free ultimate team packs at a special fut 15 event this week. Fans are set to receive untradeable gold rare packs in their account, one heading in for each day. As a thank you for your support, we'll be giving every fut fan one free pack every day, an ea statement reads. Ea will also offer untradeable packs.

I have no use for clyne and he is a player that i want to sell, but cant because he is untradeable. I understand if you grant us a free pack out of no where those should be untradeable, but we earned these packs by wining tournaments. Maybe keep them for a long time or use them to a point where they become tradeable. Is there a way to sell untradeable items. If fut players earn packs from wining tournaments i think that they should be able to sell those players they have earned.

Exchange a squad for a gold player from any team of the season untradeable. Sorry for the dumb question, im new. And on which day should i sell. Please can you tell me how to get the free players i want em. Free packs for all fut 15 players.