Vlan example setup for crowdsourcing

02.01.2019 Admin

You must perform these commands on each appliance in an ha pair to ensure that the configuration of the two appliances in the ha pair remains synchronized. This diagram shows the configuration for this example. You must know which ports client devices are connected to and which ports link between network switches and the router.

Actually i don't want out-of-band management just management from our default lan. Our workstations reside also in 10. We have a 6224 stack, we want to use two vlan's on it. X network so we need to administer the switch from there. This post is a description of my home network setup based on gigabit ethernet.

What is the best way to setup the routing. I know the catalyst 3560s are layer 3 devices, but i also have a router.

Just take a look click to enlarge. How do i setup this, when i configure an 10. I'm going to start with a diagram of the network.