27 week pregnant is how many months

17.02.2019 Gloria

By 27 weeks pregnant you will be gaining weight more rapidly. A healthy amount to gain during pregnancy is around 1 stone 12ib thats around 12. How big is your baby at 27 weeks. At 27 weeks pregnant, the average baby is about the size of a cauliflower.

Advertisement page continues below. How is my 27 week fetus developing. You might experience some new pregnancy 'symptoms' as your body starts to prepare itself for d day and your baby's arrival.

How big is baby at 27 weeks pregnant. You have made it to 27 weeks pregnant. You are now in your third and final trimester and on the home strait. This is the last week of the 2nd trimester. You are almost ⅔ of the way through your pregnancy.

Your baby at 27 weeks pregnant is the size of a cabbage and is 14 inches long. Your 27 week fetus is developing a lot this week.