What does marinating fish in milk do

17.02.2019 Kenneth

The coconut milk will be added later. Here's how it works to come out with a perfect dish. Put the cooked marinated tilapia in coconut milk into a plate and put some garnish rounded chopped onion. I usually decorate my plate with a banana leaf to make my recipe pleasing to the eye which makes my visi.

Examples of firm fish are halibut, tuna, marlin, or sturgeon. In many countries fish are marinated or cooked in milk and dairy products. Many have no tga the same time we should not forget the milk protein allergy and lactose intolerance. You can enjoy fish and curd moderately as long as there are no problems. There is still no explicit evidence to prove the consequences. Blacksmiths eat meat, ilk, read sometimes grapes and steak.

Fish and seafood marinating times. A firm fish think big fish can take a stronger marinade for longer. Flaky fish, you know, the kind that tries to fall apart on the grill, can't take a strong marinade and shouldn't be marinated for long. Can you marinate meat in milk that has had lemon juice added to it.