How to get a job narrating books

03.01.2019 Admin

Comlink to your website, if available contact information including the city and state where you're located. Related questionsmore answers below. How can i get a job narrating audio books.

I've gotten awards at state oral interpretation and one act play, and have even placed at a national talent competition. The audiobook demo consists of several different recordings on one cd. Books image by lofik from fotolia. Even though you are not going to be performing on stage, television or film, you still must know how to convey a character. How to set up your own music publishing company. Two-minute mp3 clip of your audiobook narration.

I would love to do narrations or radio theater type productions, but i just don't know where to start looking for applications and auditions. Indicate which, if any, are being sold on audible. Show more i really want to get a career in acting, but i am thinking that narrating audio books might be a good place to start. Record yourself reading two to six minutes of audio from several different genres of books--this will show your diversity.