How to make a peacock feather headband

23.02.2019 Admin

Opalescent bronze beaded trim with olive green satin ribbon ties. Applique sits on a lovely semi circle of pheasant feathers. Feather extensions and earrings are all the rage right now especially peacock feathers.

You only need a few supplies to create a customized feather headband. How about an albino peacock feather headband for a wedding. Stunning spray of hand curled peacock feathers and swords. Finally, i got a diamond as the accent for the headband. If you can dream it up, i can do it.

It took about 3 minutes to make this headband. Peacock feathers, or any feathers really.

Don't pay the ridiculously high prices department stores charge for these when you can make them yourself. I already had the black felt and i cut out two rectangles. They are so chic and so popular right now.