How much do college referees get paid basketball

02.03.2019 Admin

How much do college football referees get paid. Bleacher report referees get paid. The average college football referee in the us makes 61, 98. College football referees make the most in san francisco at 92, 76, averaging total compensation 51 greater than the us average.

How do you paint your face for a college football game. How much does an nfl referee make for the super bowl. College basketball referees pay varies, but some can make as much as 2, 00 per game. They will earn up to 22 per game. However, this number can fluctuate. Some referees will get paid per season.

How much do marine biologists get paid. The sec is the highest paid, with the officials making about 1600 per game. How much does a college football referee get paid. In d1, the lowest paid conference officials make about 800 per game.