How to add tomcat to netbeans libraries

09.10.2019 Cory

Then, add a administrative user to tomcat. My company is changing the ide from eclipse to netbeans and i'm concerned if there is a way to add this static folder in netbeans's embedded tomcat. By the way, we're using netbeans. You can connect a netbeans debugger to an external version of tomcat by doing the following.

I'm unable to see the servers tab services section in ide. Right-mouse click on the libraries node of your project. How to work with tomcat in the netbeans ide. Can someone point me to right way to add jstl lib with tomcat.

Netbeans does this for you when you build the war file. This tutorial shows how to easily develop large about a half of million lines of code industrial-scale projects in the netbeans ide.

For some reasons i feel that jstl lib is not used by my app and jstl tags are getting ignored. In this tutorial, you will convert tomcat into a netbeans project and learn how to run, debug, and profile the tomcat project in the netbeans ide. The tutorial uses the tomcat server as a project example. But when i right click on my project and click properties and select run to select the server from the available list of servers.