Types of amino acids and their examples

02.12.2019 Admin

These are the acids that cannot be synthesized in our bodies. Amino acids and their properties. Amino acids can be divided into categories based on many different traits. One trait commonly used in biochemistry is amino acid structure.

Those having amino -nh2 group on beta β are called β-amino acids. Those having amino -nh2 group on alpha α are called α-amino acids. They are soluble in water and insoluble in organic solvent.

The most important types of amino acids are the α-amino acids, having the general formula. Amino acids are carboxylic acids having amino groups.

There are 20 types of amino acids which are coded by the gene of vertebrate but large numbers of modified non-standard amino acids are found in proteins. Only l- form of amino acids are found in proteins in human body. Polar amino acids include serine and threonine contain a hydroxyl group, asparagine and glutamine contain amide group. The charged amino acids include two basic, lysine and arginine charge, and two acidic, aspartate and glutamate - charge. These are used to form sugar for example.