Prince naseem what happened to

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Vasquez had been the current wba featherweight champion, but fearing unification with wbo, the wba stripped vasquez of his title. The history of the 2001 fight between prince naseem hamed and marco antonio barrera has been re-written. A dominant performance by barrera, in a competitive fight that two judges scored 115-112, has been rewritten as schooling.

What happened when chris eubank jr bumped into prince naseem hamed in saudi arabia. I have been wondering this too. He was so unorthodoxed he actually looked like someone who didn't know how to fight. One photo shows eubank jr and hamed playing a game of pool against one another.

All the greats lose a fight and sometimes that defeat is the making of them. I read somewhere that he also had a lot of trouble making weight toward the end of his career. Wilfredo vasquez via 8th round tko. His speed and power were so great they allowed him to outrun his mistakes.

He could have achieved his proper place in history. Chris eubank jr could be forgiven if he was furious about the brutally.